Tonya Tittle, M.S., ACSM, PN Nutrition is the owner of Energy Fitness, a certified personal trainer and the leading fitness expert in Memphis !
Voted Best Trainer 2010 by Memphis Mag. Readers, Voted Best Fitness studio 2013-2015 Memphis Health & Fitness Mag.,  Tennessee Excellence Award 2013 (SBIEC).

Client Testimonials

Margaret Ledbetter, age 42, mother of 3

Brandy Parrish
-Wade  age 40
You work with me to achieve my goals. You give me a plan customized to my needs & goals, instead of the one size fits all approach.  You motivate me without discouraging me. You LISTEN! I Like the nutrition tips too. You have good equipment tools.

Mark Guthrie,age 50+
After 6 weeks I lost 12 lbs & 5% body fat. Now it's been 2 years and I have lost 42 pounds, over 19% body fat and lots of inches, reduced my blood pressure, and cholesterol and it's only been 7 months.  My doctor said that I am the poster child for lifestyle changes.

Jodi Criner, age 27
My clothes fit much better & I feel better in general.

Gayle Lakey - age 40+  I feel SO much stronger and spry!!!

Steve Barnat, age 41.  "I feel better, and more motivated and energetic." He stopped smoking after a few months and started running 3 miles regularly.

Greg Lord - age 55
I like the gym/facility. It's quaint. I like Tonya, she is a good trainer for my age. I like the folks I workout with. I had to get over paying for a trainer because their is no way I would have gotten this far so fast trying to do it on my own. I am hitting golf balls 20 yards farther!
Established 2002
Personal Training & Nutrition
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It can take as little as 2 days for you to start feeling better and have more energy.  Did you know that the energy you have today is from food you consumed 2 days ago? 

Clean up your diet and you will feel more energized, look younger, sleep better & reset your metabolism so you are healthy and fit to LIVE life to its fullest. You may even be able to eliminate or reduce medications, manage stress better, and become more confident in your clothes & even feel better naked like so many of our clients we have been serving since 2002.

We would love to help you more so feel free to contact us...The first step of many includes a mindset of success. Visualize your own success story!  We will help you expand your skills, and with your new found energy, you will have more time for the things you love to do.

Our clients love our 30 minute in and out exclusive Energize Method of training along with the fun atmosphere, social support, non-intimidating small facility, and professional service that we offer.
How Toxic Are You & Clean Up your Diet - We Can Help!
(Twice the results in half the time...Our 30 minute sessions get you results fast and safe...Or your money back)
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Our clients get great results when they combine our personal training component with our nutrition coaching sessions that include meal plans. Within only a few weeks of strength and cardio training our clients begin getting lean, toned and strong in only 30 minute sessions. 

Over and over again from new clients echo the same quotes...."I know it's been only a few sessions but I'm already seeing a difference and feeling better.  I am getting more results in 30 minute sessions just twice a week than I did with body pump and other personal trainers. I can't believe how much you fit into 30 minutes. Your method works and I am whipped when I leave here. I appreciate how efficient you are with my time."

Not interested in our personal training, but just want to meet us for nutrition coaching?
We have nutrition coaching packages ranging from 2-12 sessions. Click here
for a FREE Fitness/Nutrition coaching consultation (value $87-usually
takes 30 minutes) or give us a call at 901-523-2348 (BFIT).

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Happy Clean Eating and we look forward to working with you soon,

Tonya Tittle M.S.,ACSM, PN Nutrition Coach
Energy Fitness
552 South Main Street

P.S. Do you know anyone else that needs fitness or nutrition help or accountability?  Just have them call us at 901-466-6242.  Tell them they must mention code (facebook Free grocery list) OR just forward a link to this landing page email and have them fill out the form above for a FREE consultation-value $87. Again tell them to mention "How Toxic Are You?" in the "tell me a little about yourself space".